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Rules and regulations

Membership, purchase, and use of our content and products constitutes the acceptance of the terms and approve we refer to. Elva HOME is allowed to edit the online agreement at any time without notice. Also, users are required to study these rules before buying or using Elva HOME services.

Please note that all the principles and procedures of Elva HOME in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, e-commerce law and Consumer Rights Protection Law, and subsequently, the user is obliged to comply with the user-related laws.

Elva HOME is a trademark brand from the Adli art Studio Co. in the field of production of office and household furniture.

Elva HOME Products Terms of service

Ownership of all content, including text, video, audio, and slides published in this website belongs to Elva HOME, and any commercial use or publication without mentioning the source is illegal. Elva HOME will deal with any unauthorized abuse based on the current laws of the country.

registration in the ELVA Home website is forever free. Each user is allowed to create one account and double accounts are not allowed. If we notice multiple accounts belonging to a user, the system is authorized to remove and foreclose the user’s access.

The user is required to insert his/her actual and complete information, obviously, in case of any financial issues that are due to the failure of inserting the correct information, the user is responsible.

ELVA Home is committed to protecting the personal information of the users by observing security issues and preventing unauthorized access to them.

Payment and purchase withdrawal terms

Choosing the purchase option means accepting all the content and the terms of this agreement. Obviously, the responsibility of the lack of a proper and accurate study of the content of this agreement is the buyer’s responsibility and the ELVA Home as the seller has no responsibility in this field.

  • The content of this agreement will be applicable after the full payment of the order. And before that, it can not be applied for the buyer or seller.

ELVA Home takes responsibility for all the damage caused by transportation at the time of delivery, and if there is a flaw or defect (outside the warranty of the product), the buyer can only terminate the contract and receive their payment amount. Therefore, the Purchaser shall not be entitled to compensate for the damages.

  • After the goods have been delivered to the buyer, a return is only possible due to the incompatibility of the purchased product or having defects.
  • Wrong claims in the characteristics of the selected goods will not be determined by the purchaser, and the buyer may not be able to terminate the contract by means of reference to this.

Product Delivery and Shipment

Delivery time will be between 7 to 14 working days. In case of delayed delivery of goods over the mentioned period, there shall be no charge for the buyer, while the buyer in these circumstances shall not be entitled to terminate the contract.

Working day means Saturday to Wednesday every week, excluding public holidays in Iran, and all orders get processed during the workdays or the first day after the holidays. ELVA Home online store is available 24/7 but responding and follow-ups are processed from 9 to 17:00.

Terms of Guarantee

ELVA Home is strictly committed to providing the terms that are referred to in the product’s written warranty. Naturally, in times of having problems, the buyer’s written warranty must be carried out to the conditions stipulated in the warranty.

  • After-sales services: 123 months

  • Warranty of all Products: 12 months

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