Bedroom Set | Oriental |


Material: American Walnut veneer on Raw MDF and Laminated MDF in the thickness of 16 and 32 mm.

Wood Edging Strip: A compatible edging strip with American Walnut veneer

MDF Edging Strip: 2mm thickness PVC

Bed Floor: Designed MDF components on the 2 mm thickness silver galvanized steel profile

Slide: Streamlined, durable Slide

Paint: Natural and herb, Waterproof, Eco-friendly, Made in Belgium

Hinge: Overly, nickel plated

Mirror: high quality floating annealed 6mm glass, environmentally friendly with diamond edge

Bench: Depend on the product design, Walnut veneer is implemented.

Handle: Hidden handle

Width Length Height
160 Bed 206.4cm 166.4cm 110cm
180 Bed 206.4cm 186.4cm 110cm
Sideboard 36.6cm 50cm 110cm
Standing Dressing Table 50cm 120cm 80cm
Stool 45cm 45cm
Mirror Frame 55cm 140cm
90 Closet 45cm 90cm 210cm
120 Closet 51cm 120cm 210cm

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