Dining Table | Willow |


Material: American Olive veneer on Raw MDF and Laminated MDF in the thickness of 16 and 32 mm.

Wood Edging Strip: A compatible edging strip with American Olive veneer

MDF Edging Strip: 2mm thickness PVC

Bed Floor: Designed MDF components on the 2 mm thickness silver galvanized steel profile

Slide: Streamlined, durable Slide

Paint: Natural and herb, Waterproof, Eco-friendly, Made in Belgium

Hinge: Overly, nickel plated

Mirror: high quality floating annealed 6mm glass, environmentally friendly with diamond edge

Bench: Depend on the product design, Olive veneer and Laminated MDF is implemented.

Handle: Hidden handle

Width Length Height
6 Person Table 110cm 180cm 78cm
8 Person Table 110cm 220cm 78cm

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